Recipes are workflow-based solutions for common tasks in Relativity. Our Solutions team writes and maintains these recipes. Recipes are organized on this page by feature set. Click the links below to jump to the list of recipes for that feature set.

Application Recipes

Assisted Review

Conceptual Analytics


Foreign Languages

Legal Hold




Structured Analytics

Workspace Administration

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Application Recipes
The following recipes include a link to a Relativity Application that helps enhance workflows:
Case Details Matrix Application
Common Saved Searches Application
Common Review Dashboard Application
Legal Hold Custodian Information Application
Pleadings application
Teach yourself RegEx
Assisted Review
Active Learning to QC previously coded data
Active Learning Useful Dashboards
Adding Documents to an Existing Assisted Review Project
Estimating Recall in an Active Learning Project
How to Calculate Precision and Recall Without a Control Set
How to handle Suppressed Duplicates at the end of your project
Relativity Assisted Review Reviewer Protocol
Removing documents from a RAR example set
Sample Based Learning RAR checklist
RAR project after review has begun
Conceptual Analytics
Cluster Visualization QC Workflow
Optimized conceptual Analytics index
Estimating diskspace utilization for databases and Analytics indexes
Privilege QC using categorization
Tracking Categorized Documents to their example document
Statistical Sampling Explained
Use Case for Relativity Analytics - Clustering and Categorization
Using Categorization to Identify Hot Documents
Verifying Analytics Filters
Create and map field catalog
Foreign Languages
Adding Translated Text to Documents
Setting Up CJK and other Unicode document workspaces in Relativity
Legal Hold
Legal Hold checklist
Creating a Read-only Layout to Lock Produced Documents
Locking Produced Documents from Editing
Displaying production fields in a layout
Importing Productions in Relativity with Natives
Loading External Productions into Relativity
Maintaining Previous Bates Numbers Between Production Sets
OCR Redacted Production Documents & Export Text
Overlaying in the production object
Performing QC of Productions
Using Tokens to Customize Stamps in a Production
Adding Translated Text to Documents
Coding the First Item in a Family Group by Using the Skip Function
Creating an Application for Managing Attorney Lists
Displaying Family Groups in a View
Email threading and near dupe - workflow alternatives
Reviewer QC Workflow Ideas
Transfer Tags from Other Document Review Applications
Securing Choices Using Objects
Using Redactions From Other Applications
Using the field tree to view folders
Using Case Dynamics Outlines for your Review Protocol
Build a Case Sensitive dtSearch Index
Creating Commonly Used Pivots
Creating Secured Saved Search Folders For Multiple Groups
dtSearch Updating the Stop Word and Alphabet List to make them searchable
Identifying emails between two or more specific individuals
Identifying standalone emails
Overlaying Updated Hits on an Existing Search Terms Report
Regular Expression Searching - SSN and EIN
Search Terms Report Hit Count
Searching for symbols
Searching for custom object information on the Document object
Searching for a document set using control numbers
Searching for dates in Relativity
QC Newly Loaded Data
Searching for handwritten documents
Searching for single standalone emails
Searching for Terms while Excluding Email Footers
Searching for unique identifiers
Searching workflows
Sorting Documents and Keeping Email Families Together
Tally all email recipients
Using Saved Searches to Complete Conflict Checks
Structured Analytics
Email threading and near dupe - workflow alternatives
Email Threading Results - Identify threads with missing emails
Finding Groups of "Textual Exact Duplicates"
Sampling for repeated content
Threading review setup
Troubleshooting a bad email thread
Using Email Thread Visualization in your QC workflows
Using Email Thread Visualization to leverage previously coded documents
Using Near Duplicate analysis in review
Validating RegEx filters in Structured Analytics
Workspace Administration
Creating commonly used dashboards in Relativity
Displaying Family Groups in a View
Exporting to HTML for Expert Witness Review
Mass importing into a file field
Migrating Data from Summation
Multi-matter workspace setup
Native Imaging - Dithering Algorithm Options
Overlaying Updated Hits on an Existing Search Term Report
Reporting and monitoring using Audit
Searching for custom object information on the Document object
Setting up CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and other Unicode document workspaces in Relativity
Transfer Tags from Other Document Review Applications
Using Redactions From Other Applications
Secure Coding Choices Using Objects