Email Threading Results - Identify threads with missing emails

You can identify which thread groups have items missing by looking at the Email Threading ID field. The thread groups with missing items have a minus ( - ) sign in the threading ID.

Recipe overview

This recipe offers a workflow to use email threading results and identify threads with missing emails.


  • Relativity 9.4 and above
  • Structured Analytics


There are two ways to isolate the threads that have missing emails.

To use workflow suggestion number 1, complete the steps below (assuming your Set Prefix is SAS01):

  1. Add the Email Threading ID field to the Email Threading view. Add the SAS01::Email Threading ID field to the Email Threading view.
  2. Filter for the minus sign to view the total threads with missing items.
  3. Save those documents as a search.
  4. Tag them as partial threads.

To use workflow suggestion number 2, create a widget to view the totals for partial versus complete threads using the steps below:

  1. Create a single choice field called Email Threads and allow pivot on and group by.
  2. Create two choices on the new field:
    1. Partial Thread
    2. Complete Thread
  3. Create a search for documents where the SAS01::Email Thread group is set and return these fields:
    1. Email Threads
    2. SAS01::Email Threading ID
  4. Run the search.
  5. Filter on Email Threading ID for the minus sign.
    1. Tag documents returned as Partial Thread.
    2. Then filter for Email Threads field is not set.

    3. Tag the remaining documents as Complete Thread.
  6. Create a widget.
    1. Add Pivot (group by Email Threads, pivot and sort on grand totals)

    2. Visualize the totals: