Resolving common processing errors

Password-protected and corrupt files may appear in your processing projects. To add these files to your workspace, you need to remove the password restriction or repair the corrupt files.

Recipe overview

This recipe describes how to repair files and remove password protection from them. You can then add the files to your workspace during processing.


  • Relativity 8.0 or above
  • Relativity Processing
  • Processing repository access


  1. Select the Processing > Processing Sets tab.
  2. Select the processing set with the errors that you want to resolve.
  3. Click on the console for the current processing set. You can now view the errors in the processing set on the Processing > tab.

  4. Click on the name of the file with errors that you want to resolve. You can now view the error details, which lists two different file paths:
    • Document file location - This path includes the actual file ending with the .doc file extension. You can click this link to open the document.
    • Document folder location - This path indicates the path to the folder that contains the document with the error. You can click this link to open the folder.

  5. Perform one of the following tasks to resolve the specific type of error:
    • Password protection error - If password protection caused the error, use the password bank to resolve the error. For more information, see password bank.
    • Corrupt file - If a corrupt file is corrupt caused the error, click the Document folder location path. Locate the file in the folder. Next, open it with a tool used to repair corrupt files. After repairing the file, save the new file in the same file location. Ensure that the new file has the same file name as the corrupt one.

Note: When you repair the file, you modify it, therefore changing the meta data. Consider making a copy of the file before making any changes to preserve the original meta data.

  1. Retry the discovery phase after you resolve the file errors:
    1. Use the mass operations window in the lower-left corner to check the files you fixed.
    2. Select Checked and Retry.
  2. Click Ok to retry the errors.
  3. Monitor the retry progress via the progress window.