Create and map field catalog

This application creates the fields typically used for processing. These fields also store metadata in your workspace. The application includes a script that you can run to map identically-named Relativity fields to Field Catalog fields.


You need the following to import the Create and Map Field Catalog application:

  • Relativity 9.4 or above
  • The Processing application installed
  • The ECA and Investigation application not installed


The Create and Map Field Catalog application contains the following:

  • All 127 Field Catalog fields
  • A script for mapping processing fields, to be manually executed after installing the application


Before using the following steps to import the application, ensure that you have the Processing application installed on the workspace and that the ECA and Investigation application isn't installed.

To perform this solution:

  1. On the Relativity Applications tab, click New Relativity Application.
  2. Select Import from File and click Browse.
  3. Select the Create and Map Fields application, click Open, and click Import.
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  4. When the installation completes, click View Application Details.
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  5. Scroll down and locate the Mapping Fields on Processing script from the application details layout and select it.
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  6. Click Run Script on the Map Fields on Processing layout.
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  7. After the script is finished running, navigate to the Fields tab in your workspace, select a newly mapped field, and note that the Source field is populated based on the mapping performed by the script.
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