Displaying family groups in a view

During review, it may be helpful to quickly see documents as they exist in their family groups. Building a view to organize documents by family can support this workflow.

Recipe overview

This recipe describes how to create a view to display documents organized by family.


  • Workspace access with permission to the following tabs:
    • Administration | Views


Create a view with the following settings:


View information:

  • Object Type: Document
  • Name: Documents
  • Owner: Public
  • Order: 10


  • Group Definition: Family Group (Family related items field)
  • Relativity Applications: none
  • Query Hint: leave blank
  • Visible In Dropdown: Yes


Suggested fields - Include Edit, File Icon, Control Number, Group Identifier, File Name (or Name or Unified Title), Record Type, and any additional fields you want to place on the view


Set conditions - None


It is necessary to sort based on the related item field. It might be Group Identifier or Family Group.

Then how the families are displayed is optional.

  • Control Number
  • Family Date - Use the Propagate Sent Date to Family Documents script to set values for this field.

Save the View.

Final View:

Indented list view

Note: The screen shot is not intended to show as indented (with dots), but to illustrate the view you see when you use the indented list method to group the families together. Notice in the view that each family is now divided by bolded lines.