Using Case Dynamics Outlines for your Review Protocol

This recipe shows you how to utilize the Outlines feature in Case Dynamics to collaborate with reviewers on the Review Protocol.


Keep your documents and review protocol all in one place. This recipe demonstrates how to utilize an Outline in Case Dynamics for your Review Protocol, link example documents, and even provide a forum for Q&A with reviewers and subject matter experts.


  • Relativity 9.5 or above

    Note: Beginning in Relativity , the Case Dynamics rebrand takes effect, but the functionality between Case Dynamics and Fact Manager is still the same. You can still use this recipe if you are using Fact Manager, but keep in mind that the following screen shots reference Case Dynamics.

  • Case Dynamics installed (compatible with your Relativity version)
  • Access to Case Dynamics and its Outlines feature


  1. Go to the Outlines tab in Case Dynamics.
  2. Select New Outline.
    1. Provide a Name for your Outline and click Save.
    2. Click Edit.
      1. Copy and paste the Review protocol into the rich text editor, or
      2. Begin drafting the Review Protocol in the Outline's rich text editor.
    3. Click Save.
  3. As you are drafting the Protocol or after you copy and paste it into the outline, you can start linking example documents.
    1. For example, you can link a document that is a good example of Responsiveness:
      1. Highlight the text.

        Outline layout

      2. Right-click and select Link> Document.

        Link document

      3. This creates a hyperlink to the selected document.
    2. Repeat this process to identify examples of Privilege, Issues, Confidentiality, etc.
  4. If you have a list of key people or organizations in your Review Protocol, create and/or link to those individuals or organizations in Case Dynamics from the Ouline.
    1. This will provide a color coding to identify individuals associated with the case and allow a reviewer to click on the person or organization to see additional information.


      Key People and Organizations

    2. A reviewer can click on a person or organization to see additional information regarding the person or other Case Dynamics objects they are linked to by clicking on the various tabs, including Documents, Facts, Issues, etc.

      People basic layout

  5. You can also add a section for Q&A to the same outline or start a separate Outline. See the screen shot below of adding a Q&A section in the Review Protocol Outline.
    1. This will allow reviewers to ask if a certain document meets the criteria of responsiveness, privilege, confidential, etc.
    2. An example document can be linked to the question, following the steps listed above.
    3. A subject matter expert may then respond to the question and also link an example document(s) as necessary.
    4. The reviewer can then click the hyperlink to open a standalone viewer to view the example document provided in the Answer.

      Outline layout

  6. As your Review Protocol changes, you can quickly and easily make updates in the Outline, giving the review team immediate access to updates and changes.