Using Email Thread Visualization to leverage previously coded documents

When new documents are loaded into a workspace, leverage previous coding decisions using Email Thread Visualization to help prioritize your review of the newly loaded documents. Email Thread Visualization is used to visually focus in on newly loaded documents that are likely to be relevant because they are part of a thread that contains relevant documents.


  • Relativity 9.5 and above
  • An Email Threading set


  1. Ensure documents are tagged with a load identifier so that newly loaded documents can be readily identified. 
  2. Load new documents into the workspace and tag those documents with a load identifier value.
  3. Build an email threading set that includes existing documents plus newly loaded documents.
  4. Create saved search 1 to return documents that have been coded responsive and include email thread group.
  5. Create saved search 2 to return documents in search 1 that have a load identifier indicating they are newly loaded documents.
  6. Search 2 returns the newly loaded documents that should be prioritized, since these documents are in email threads containing documents that were previously coded as responsive.
  7. Run search 2 and open a document returned by the search in the document viewer.
  8. In the viewer, click on the Show/Hide Email Thread Visualization icon () to open the Email Thread Visualization panel.
  9. In the Display Options section, enable Highlight Field, and select your data load indicator field. Note that the field list includes single choice and yes/no fields.
  10. Click LEGEND to display the field highlighting legend.
  11. In the screen shot below, the newly loaded documents are easily identified by the yellow highlighting.

  12. Click DISPLAY OPTIONS and select the responsiveness coding field.
  13. Click LEGEND.
  14. As can be seen by the field highlighting in the screen shot below, all emails in the thread have been coded responsive except for the newly loaded documents, which are not set (shaded gray).

  15. Email Thread Visualization provides context as to where the newly loaded emails are within the conversation thread, and lets reviewers focus in on these documents by clicking on the gray shaded nodes to review and code the documents.