Using Email Thread Visualization in your QC workflows

Use Email Thread Visualization as part of your QC workflow to visually identify and correct potential privilege or designation coding conflicts.


  • Relativity 9.5 or above
  • An Email Threading set


  1. Set up a privilege conflict search that returns documents that are coded not privileged or have not been reviewed for privilege within an email thread that contains privileged documents. See the recipe for additional information.
  2. Load a document returned by the above search into the document viewer.
  3. In the viewer, click on the Show/Hide Email Thread Visualization icon () to open the Email Thread Visualization panel. 
  4. In the Display Options section, enable Highlight Field, and select your privilege coding field. Note that the field list includes single choice and yes/no fields.
  5. Click LEGEND to display the field highlighting legend.
  6. In the example screen shot below, the color coded field highlighting lets you quickly see where an email has been coded as Not Privileged (yellow highlighting), and where the Privileged field is not set (gray shading).
  7. Click on any square node to view the email in the viewer.
  8. The interactive visual indicators allow you to quickly focus in on and correct potential inconsistencies, and provide context as to where the emails are within the conversation thread.

Note: Reviewers can also have the Email Thread Visualization console open with Highlight Field enabled while conducting their initial review. Doing this provides reviewers with real-time visual feedback regarding coding decisions, allowing them to work more consistently and efficiently.