Relativity's mobile experience

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With the mobile application for Relativity, you can view and code documents on the go from an iPad or an iPhone application. You’ll be able to access views and saved searches from your device, code documents via layouts, and rest assured that all coding decisions reflecting instantly in Relativity.

The features in Relativity's app for mobile allow you to:

  • Review documents on the go. Code documents on your commute or your couch with Relativity's secure and native mobile application.
  • Decisions reflect in Relativity.The changes you make in the application are instantly reflected in Relativity. There will be no discrepancies between what you see on mobile and what your team sees in the office, creating a unified experience.
  • Keep your documents safe and secure. We built this native application with security top of mind. The application requires both a 6-digit passcode (or Touch ID) as well as Relativity login credentials. The application supports two-factor authentication.
  • Productivity on the move. Use a native mobile application to code documents in your on-premises or RelativityOne cases on the go.
  • Notify your team. Send your team specific documents that need to be reviewed and coded quickly.

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Unified experience with Relativity

Relativity's mobile app works concurrently with Relativity to provide the best experience while on a computer or on the go with your iPad or iPhone. This unified experience with Relativity lets you view and code documents with all the work instantly reflected in Relativity in order for the case team to act on. This works from Relativity to mobile and mobile to Relativity .

All that is needed for the unified experience is Relativity account and Relativity's mobile app downloaded onto an iPad or an iPhone. The user's security settings placed in Relativity are reflected in the application, right when they log in for the first time.

Device and system requirements


To start using Relativity's mobile app, you must have an iPad running iOS 10 or higher and no less than 2 GB of RAM. For more information on updating your iOS, visit Apple support.

The server that your device and Relativity instance must support Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 or above. The connection ciphers must also provide forward secrecy and your certificates must be signed with SHA256, or better, with at least 2048 bits for RSA or 256 bits for Elliptic Curve keys. To test your SSL server, see SSL Labs.


To use Relativity's mobile app on an iPhone, the device needs to be running on iOS 10 or higher and no less than 2 GB of RAM. For more information on iOS and iPhone, visit iOS Support Matrix.

Compatibility matrix

The following matrix illustrates which versions of Relativity support which versions of Relativity's mobile app.

  Relativity 10.0 Relativity 9.7 Relativity Relativity Relativity
Mobile 1.8.4 X X X X X
Mobile 1.8.3 X X X X X
Mobile 1.8.2  


Mobile 1.8.0   X X X X
Mobile 1.7.1   X X X X
Mobile 1.7.0   X X X X
Mobile 1.6.2          
Mobile 1.6.1          
Mobile 1.6.0          
               RAP file is installed by default

Note: RAP file is automatically installed with Relativity. To verify that it has been installed in your Relativity instance, locate Relativity Mobile in your OAuth2Client tab.